Website design and development

A website

  • Is a window into your organisation to the outside world. Websites, let you put products, services, ideas, and key people on a platform.
  • Adds to your brand.
  • Engages conversation with a wider audience.


  • Have a website presence.
  • Let us take control of the initial design and setup online.
  • May want to take over the content management on parts of the website?
  • Looking for more advanced functionality later on?


Latest design

We use Twitter Bootstrap which gives great looking layouts and simplifies designs. There are many advantages to this approach, which makes most features of websites mobile friendly. We can customise our templates to your needs.

Content Management System

A content management system, allows you to edit your own web pages saves you money. A CMS allows you to change parts of your website, manage pictures. We use the excellent Piranha CMS.

Website hosting

We work Winhost who provide great web hosting for our needs. We develop on the Microsoft .Net and .Net core platforms, so as long as these needs are met, we can work with other web hosting providers.


Having worked in finance and other industries, we have an understanding of the types of issue relating to having a compliant website in terms of data. Always seek legal advice if in doubt.

Social media savvy

We have a strong understanding on what social media presence can do for companies, and how to get the most of it. We can give our opinion on what will work for your business, versus what is unnecessary.

Common design features

Font Awesome, is a great way to add hundreds of icons to your website to give a consistent look and feel to your website. We these font-awesome icons on our site.

Forms and data

We design web forms to collect data, and databases to hold that data.

Email set up

You will want to be able to communicate with your customers through a consistent website.

Advanced development

We build full-scale secure website applications, and can add APIs to the website we build for you. We have significant experience of developing databases and reporting solutions.

Galleries and images

Our CMS has a plugin to Venobox which allows you to have a slide show on your website with scrolling.

Shopping cart integration

If you want to be able to sell products on your website, we can plug in a third party cart or develop something for you ourselves.

Online payments

We can integrate providers such as stripe or other payment providers. We are looking to add cryptocurrency payment on one of our own sites too.


We add maps to websites using leaflet maps. It is free and gives some great results for users. Happy to include Bing Maps or Google Maps too.

Search engine submission

Whilst we don't offer Search Engine Optimisation, we can help you to understand how to make your site friendlier to search engines and to add to your online web presence.

Membership websites and portals

We can ensure your website has repeat visits from users. We can integrate security to your website with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other O-Auth and Identity providers.

What a website can never do

A website will never appeal to everybody. Some people like pictures, big icons, others want to read a lot about your company before taking the plunge. Try to imagine the type of audience you are appealing to.

What a website does do

We see a website, as being able to tell the story your company wants to be heard. It allows both random passers by, and targeted customers the opportunity to learn a bit about what you are offering.

Why Info Rhino?

There are so many ways to get a website online - so why us? We offer a complete service, customers can start small, think big, and become successful.