Website Applications

 Website application development by Info Rhino

This page explains a little about Websites, Website Applications and API's and why Info Rhino should be your go to solution provider on web based technologies.

What is a website for?

Websites are a major mechanism for delivering content to users. These websites may be secure, or more typically, these websites are designed to bring users to your platform. It is all to do with the attention from your target audience.

Websites have numerous mechanisms for monetisation. Sometimes, you are selling a service - like what we do, other times, you are intending to make money through a subscription based model.

Sometimes websites are purely there to act as a point of reference for your customers.

What is a website application?

A website application, is a website except for one major advancement. Website applications have software programming behind them designed to help manage content. Some examples could be;

  • A products page, generated from a database.
  • Different areas for secure access, perhaps, different roles, customers and account managers.
  • Member access. Linked to security and roles. Often, a member should only manage their own content. This is what we see when we access our online bank account.

We are due to start a relatively reasonable amount of work to help automate a large London Estate Agency's business. Agents, Buyers and Sellers will all be connected via at least one website.


Web Services and Application Programmable Interfaces (API's)

You may have read our pages, regarding Applications and Server Applications. The main difference was that applications are touchy-feely for users, accompanied by a user interface, whereas Server Applications were more about running tasks and processing information with minimal or zero user intervention.

It is fairly similar when comparing APIs versus website applications. Website applications are for users, but API's are resources which can be used by other applications.

You may hear about REST interfaces, we work with this protocol too.

A quick example of integrating an API

Most retail bank provide a website to permit account balance review, and to manage payments. This works well, for small tasks, but if you are a company wanting to make thousands of payments, this becomes unmanageable quite quickly.

Many banks write APIs, allowing their customers to integrate their applications with the bank's payment system. A company may then connect payments to their shopping cart without expecting each customer to make standing orders every time they make a payment.

Mashups and API's

Some websites take this quite far. A website may source multiple API's to create a user experience not capable by the original system developers. Plucking an example out of the air, the following API's could be combined to create a unique user experience;

  • Interacting with booking API for activities.
  • Obtaining weather data.
  • A supermarket API.
  • A member's account with details on where they are on holiday, and their interests.

With a little ingenuity, a little Machine Learning, an application could be built to literally - plan and organise a person's entire week on holiday. Sunbathing on sunny days, book restaurants near the beach based upon the person's dietary requirements, automatic ordering of goods for activities to be undertaken, and potentially day trips out to cultural areas on rainy days.

Why use Info Rhino Limited to build your Website Applications?

We have a lot of experience building API's for ourselves and for our clients. Often, clients have a need to interact with a third-party API and we have built applications to connect our client's system with that API.

A very brief example of a solution we provided, was a suite of applications and database code to connect a Trading Exchange's Trade Surveillance system to JIRA ServiceDesk through their REST interface.

Another key reason for working with Info Rhino, is we traverse multiple technical areas of expertise - we won't recommend an API or a website application if we feel a server application would be better.