Reporting - making data useful

We build and design

  • Reporting solutions.
  • Digital dashboards.
  • Databases and Data Warehouses.
  • Cubes for advanced multi-dimensional reporting.
  • Advanced applications for analysing data.
  • Websites for displaying data.

We are experts in

  • Data Analysis.
  • Desiging Data Warehouses.
  • Building database loading solutions (ETL).
  • Developing reports with SQL, MDX, and C# Machine Learning.

How we can help you?

Understanding data

Whether you are a large company or a small company, we can bring different data items into a format which you can report from.

We build data warehouses and reporting databases.

Visualising data

Some customers want to have screens with charts, tables and displays showing them their businesses. These are known as dashboards.

We can work with vendor solutions such as Power BI, Tableau, Dundas, SSRS and many others.

We can also work with open source web based software also.

Processing data

We build applications and platforms which handles millions of data items, and moves them to databases and other targets.

We can perform calculations and enrich data to add intelligence to your company. 

Examples of solutions we have implemented

JIRA Data Warehouse Integration

Our client, a leading asset trading exchange wanted a mechanism to pass information between the Trade Analytics Engine and JIRA. We configured JIRA to accept specific fields and have certain screens. We wrote additional reports, and applications to maintain the state of the information and to prevent duplicate results being logged. One of the applications sent and received JSON objects with JIRA. These applications were written in .Net/C#.

Dynamic calculation engine

We were tasked with creating a library to allow dynamic aggregation of data to be undertaken as requests were made. This library was embedded into a larger system to give control to that system in deciding what to aggregate. A data model was added to the database to act as a store for this information to be used by additional calculation engines.

Log File Analytics Engine

A top ten global Investment bank wanted a log file analytics engine to allow them to understand the status of their price data feeds. We wrote a C# and SSIS application to allow for highly configurable extraction of text and information to be delivered to a database. In addition, we implemented a data warehouse, SSRS dashboards, SSRS Subscriptions, and cubes (SSAS) to permit complete oversight of their global data loading processes.

One of our highlights for sure.