Software applications developed by UK based Info Rhino

Info Rhino are highly experienced in delivering solutions for our clients and ourselves.

Software Applications

  • Lets you focus on running and growing your business.
  • Helps organisations run more effectively.
  • Can reduce/eliminate mistakes.
  • Can run for more than eight hours a day.

Why we offer a great service to our clients

  • We can determine what level of sophistication a project needs - YAGNI.
  • We rarely/don't involve non-technical staff. No agents, scrum masters or project managers - we spend more time developing.
  • Our experience covers many different technologies meaning we can decide the correct approach for you.
  • We partner with quality developers we respect.


  • Large Enterprises - Banks/Finance, Health, Retail.
  • Small companies - Property/Real Estate,  Environmental Testing.
  • Startups - Property, Finance, Legal and Mentoring.


  • We are interested in partnering with other developers and providers.
  • Help us expand our own products further.
  • Get experience to help you in your career as a software developer.
  • We are happy to create proof of concept solutions.

Application Examples

  • Transfer and load data into a system.
  • Secure data with encryption.
  • Collate and analyse data for users.
  • Run continuously to perform tasks (services).

Delivered Applications

  • Apply pricing to calculate and allocate charges based upon trade volume.
  • Download, analyse and distribute stock price data.
  • Invent a completely new method for securing websites.
  • Connect an enterprise's trading system for analysis.
  • Completely redefined managing data for our users.
  • Load billions of records, manages data quality for; market risk, credit risk, derivatives, liquidity risk financial reporting solutions.
  • Distributes data and information on behalf of our clients for customers.

Software Technologies

  • Programming Languages - C#, Visual Basic, .Net, JavaScript, VBA.
  • Query/Declarative Languages - PL/SQL, T-SQL, MDX, Regular expressions/Regex.
  • Database platforms - Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Analysis Services/Cubes.
  • Mapping technologies - Geospatial in SQL Server.
  • Advanced analysis - Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Regression with predictive capabilities.

Website Technologies

  • Website server - MVC, Web API, .Net Core,  ASP.Net.
  • Hosting - Internet Information Services.
  • Frameworks - Syncfusion, DevExpress, Knockout, Vue.js, Leaflet Maps, jQuery, Sparklines, Flot Charts,
  • Reporting - SSRS, Business Objects, Crystal Reports.
  • Approaches - Model View Controller, MVVM (Model View View Model), WebForms.
  • API Development (Application Programmable Interfaces) and REST protocol.
  • Content Management - Blog.Net, Piranha CMS, Twitter.

Don't hesitate

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us at Info Rhino.