Innovation by Info Rhino

We build our own applications to make us more efficient and productive. We write code that writes the code. 

If you want to see if these applications can work for your organisation, don't hesitate to contact us.

Awesome Innovation

Automatic CSV Loader

We have been sourcing data from many different providers. Even providers have different CSV formats, we wrote an application that; Accepts a delimiter type > Accepts a folder source > Accepts a SQL Database Target > Imports the files into the database.

Automatic XML Loader

XML is a complicated data format to deal with. Many utilities exist for importing XML data, as long as it has been well-defined and well-structured. We wrote this application to get data from one or more XML files containing one or more tables into a database.

Lightweight job runner

With extensive experience of developing on and working with Batch Management Frameworks. Systems such as Control-M, Autosys and Dollar Universe are well known in large financial institutions. Excellent at scale, but clunky and limited to seasoned developers.

To overcome this, we built a very lightweight .Net task discovery job runner framework.

Archiver application

This was a simple requirement - can we, at certain points, ask an application to zip up one or more folders, saving them to a location where they are incrementally saved? Again, we just wanted a simple task fulfilled.

It was a neat outcome and automatically manages file space use.

File content extraction tool

We will definitely want to have a better name than this. We found us sometimes; needing to extract data from a file, move a file based upon its content, delete a file for any number of reasons. Create a new file with a subset of content from a main file.

Scraping Engine

This application can scan thousands of web addresses, pulling specific information to files for further analysis in databases and reports. This application is configuration driven and can be automated through our Lightweight job runner application.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is computationally interpreting sentences and words to garner useful information, capable of inferring true meaning or, statistically categorising information. We are working on an application to let us extract meaningful information from search results.

Email Website Security

With GDPR and better ability to connect up data, we wanted to ensure our website avoided passwords through email authentication only. This works on .Net Core and will feature on our property platform.

Data Publication Platform

Our new libraries are capable of taking a suite of reports and publishing them to our website CMS for display to users. These publications can have charges attached to them, so customers access what they have paid for.

The data can be displayed in reports, charts, maps or the appropriate format, and downloaded.