Business Intelligence

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Helping organisations

  • Large company or a small organisations can benefit from using data to provide a better understanding on their company's operations.
  • A well designed reporting solution highlights patterns in business operations not visible through gut feel.
  • Data Driven Websites.
  • Business Intelligence lets leaders set targets and track them without creating multiple spreadsheets and documents.

Business Intelligence

  • Informs decision making processes with real facts.
  • Brings data from within and outside a company making data easier to report.
  • Looks at trends in data.
  • Saves company man hours to focus on more important tasks.
  • Can show performance across a company to indicate gains and losses.
  • Gives views of a company at different levels, by region, departments, manager.
  • Data visualisation can provide dashboards to give maximum operational oversite.

Practical examples of Business Intelligence

We prefer to give practical examples where Business Intelligence can help companies to improve efficiency.

Automatic data for customers

Data is siloed in different systems and formats - accounting and sales systems? A BI solution brings this data together for automated publication to your customers.

Sales & Product Line Analysis

Christmas Puddings only sells at Christmas? Correct. A company with thousands of products across hundreds of stores, understanding trends may not be as easy. BI helps with this.


Finding new customers can be hard. Lots of free data exists about people and an area. Analysis of social media feeds may help shed light on real pain points of potential customers?

A restaurant

Does more staff in a restaurant means more customers? There may be other factors; local entertainment events, food quality, price, restaurant reviews may have an impact. BI gets that data ready for Machine Learning.

Customer service

Does higher salaries mean better customer satisfaction?  Does staff longevity increase customer retention? What are staff turnover rates and costs of training? What is the customer churn rate? How much do you spend on advertising and on what mediums? Are customers happy?

Risk analysis

We have built credit, liquidity and market risk reporting solutions in the financial sector. Every company operates with risk, for some, this risk has to be managed. Models to monitor events can be built from BI solutions.

System performance

Many companies require uptime of their software applications. These solutions may be critical to keeping their customers happy. Incident analysis can prove vital in trying to understand and manage failures.


Startups may go through several funding rounds. Having access to good data on traction, marketing effectiveness and competitors can help get give investors more confidence the investment is less risky.

External data

Free external data exists on; prices, crime, business turnover, economy, education, investment. A company can gain competitive advantage by incorporating this data to their own data for decision making.