Info Rhino's CEO - Zak Willis

Info Rhino came about because it was a natural progression, to provide innovative solutions to clients, adding the capability of building my own products. Info Rhino remains relatively small, but through networking and associations, Info Rhino can draw upon the talents of partners to deliver largescale projects.

My background and experience

I studied at the University of Brighton, graduating in 1998 with a BSc Honours in Environmental Science. It was whilst working for an Environmental Testing laboratory, I really started getting into development, developing databases and spreadsheets with Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications - all fairly simple stuff looking back, but the thing that always appealed was doing stuff with data.

Since then, three public sector roles, a financial role at an Investment Bank, some management roles, before starting Info Rhino Limited in 2010.

I constantly use technology to help companies connect with their customers

One of the most important things in business is a fresh pair of eyes. So many times, a business thinks they are doing things well, but fail to see major shortcomings, maybe;

  • Their website doesn't tell their customer the right story?
  • They aren't compliant with data protection regulations?
  • They have no system to manage their customer data, or at best a series of spreadsheets. 
  • They are using a gmail or hotmail email account for business correspondence?
  • They have no social media presence.
  • The company doesn't have any reporting and analytics?

Many companies are comfortable at the level they are at, but may not realise they are being held back by not connecting with their customers. Our expertise in data will help elevate your level to connect.

Zak Willis in Nice 

Connecting dots

It has been quite a journey, learning different industries, adopting methodologies, learning new technologies, forgetting old technologies, but the goal to produce amazing technology continues.

2019 will be our busiest year with real focus and a number of parallel projects to complete, but don't let that stop you contacting me at zak willis at info rhino


Major collaborators

Major collaborators

You will see a common theme in our collaborators, trying to pin them to one single technology or area of expertise is impossible - their abilities cover multiple areas of technology and wider fields.

Alex Miroshnikov

Alex covers many different areas of technology; low level programming, application development in multiple languages, is an expert in data modelling, covering multiple database technologies with huge expertise in database systems, database design, and creating reporting platforms.

Alex Miroshnikov
One of the Alex's striking features is his deep problem solving approach, stemming possibly from his mathematical studies, and vision to reduce clutter in technology, with the sole aim to leave solutions which stand the test of time. 

Sohail Qureshi

Sohail has been providing web based technology solutions to organisations including finance, health, and property. More recently, Sohail has been engaged in helping startups to get online.

Sohail Qureshi

Sohail, from a formal background in electronic engineering, has had first hand experience in dealing with the complex issues social mobility and diversity, especially with low income families, having won Government contracts to provide care and assistance to the UK's most vulnerable citizens. He has managed many projects working with onshore and offshore teams.

Currently, Sohail is cofounder of an exciting new startup on mentoring, but we still collaborate on ongoing Info Rhino efforts.

About you

This page will tell you a lot more about us and our work. You, though, are essential to the products we will create for you. We can help, whether you are;

  • An established enterprise.
  • A small startup.
  • A small business.
  • An individual with just an idea.

Small business?

Just as larger need service provision from Info Rhino Limited, smaller companies need our assistance even more.

A key challenge for small businesses is the amount of time they spend maintaining disparate information in emails, spreadsheets, and documents.

If only they had systems to help maximise their output, profitability would increase.

Large enterprise?

The challenge large enterprises have is breaking free from traditional approaches. We have enormous experience of delivering large platforms for enterprises, but see our role now more towards developing innovative solutions to help them; gain intelligence, automate and reduce administration.
Naturally, we are big on data solutions and always look to us on those too.

Our recent, current and upcoming projects

Over the last three years, we consulted to a major trading exchange, a major retailer, in addition to these longer contracts, and working on our findigl property platform, we are currently in conversations to;

  • Build a large Customer Relationship Management system and operations management system for a major London Estate Agency.
  • Create a web application and website for an early stage Project Finance start up.
  • A number of small websites for:
    • A legal Services agency.
    • A building services website.
    • An upgrade of a property development company website 
    • we developed previously.
    • A new website for a structural engineering services provider.


Info Rhino's core beliefs

Continuous Improvement

At the heart of Info Rhino is continuous improvement.

We do not follow agile scrum methodology

We don't believe in Agile Methodology, it is a terrible way to run most software projects and many companies will unfortunately suffer. Solutions often don't get delivered, they are over-budget, and they lack the level of enterprise design to build robust solutions. Please get in touch if you have any queries, because this is contentious to many.

Collaboration is key

We may be your service provider, but we are a team first. Many friendships have been forged through implementations and we want repeat custom.

Integrity is paramount

We know your company can get better, can use information more effectively, but must recognise when enough is enough. We won't push you to implement solutions you don't need. Info Rhino has integrity at its core.

We look to existing alternatives first

Linked to integrity, we think what will be the right solution for the client. On this website's "Services > CMS" page, we state there are providers of CMS systems you may wish to look to first. Maybe, we can take data from another platform rather than build a new front-end? You may have heard of a different .Net CMS system - no problem, we can work it out.