We have written a series of whitepapers to help you gain a better insight into websites, e-commerce, software development and our current projects.

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Having worked within the financial sector for many clients and interested in the Fintech space, we have been getting to grips with cryptocurrencies. As a proof of concept, we have built a first version of a tool to be capable of trading against cryptocurrency exchanges. Not only is there a white paper but also some output files showing how the trades would have been executed based upon trading conditions being met.

 Crypto Currency Trading Tool white paper

 Data sample from Coin Market Cap

 Trade data and tests from our trading tool

The trade data and tests is based upon synthetically generated asset rates (prices) and simulates having set a sequence of trades instructions (Limit Orders) up to get hit when the conditions are valid. This is a first attempt but many of you will see a potential for this outside of cryptocurrencies.

We have written two white papers on Content Management Systems and E-Commerce. Hopefully you can get an insight into the methodology we use when deciding upon a CMS or shopping cart application.

Many free tools exist to set up your own content management and shopping carts.

Using free tools is actually a very good idea but we provided these two papers to help inform you on what else needs to be considered.

 E-commerce white paper

 Content Management Systems white paper