We do this by having a deep understanding of the different types of media that can help promote you and your brand.

  • We build websites for ourselves
  • We build websites for clients
  • We will happily work for equity

We can create a simple website for you just to get your company on the web and help guide your SEO process

Building a website is a three way process;-

  1. What your customer likes
  2. What you like
  3. What your web design company recommends

We have years of experience delivering websites and Intranet applications to clients and for ourselves. Our passion is building rich user experiences.

Some customers just want a simple site to get started with. Having experience on your side can give you enough to get started.

We are happy to talk about your requirements.

The vast majority of clients want to manage their content. We have worked with many content management systems and are pleased with Kaliko CMS offers for the MVC framework. We would equally love to deliver an Umbraco solution. Finally, we are partnering with another company who works with Orchard CMS.

It is also important to consider the benefits found from integrating social media components into your website, rather than developing content management systems, perhaps a Pinterest plugin or twitter feed may suit. Facebook pages linked to a site gives you control of the content that matters to you without constantly changing the website.

Any change to website content can harm your SEO possibilities. This is why it can make sense to have a blogging engine on your website rather than constantly changing pages through a CMS

 Front end toolkits

Visually, we have many toolkits available to help create clean and professional websites without needing to be a graphical designer. We use Twitter bootstrap. We would always recommend seeking professional help with your branding and logo design.

Many free template providers and content management systems exist to allow you to build and design your own website. The ability to manage your content rather than paying somebody third hand is tempting. If you have the confidence to set up a simple website for yourself, then do this but remember that many of the issues faced by experienced web development companies could be faced by you.


Security is a hugely underrated element of web design. If your website or intranet has any of these requirements you really need to think about security:-

  •  Passwords
  •  Databases
  •  Users
  •  Online payments

We make secure websites

 Web Services and Microservices

It isn't only websites that customers need. Whether you are building mobile apps or websites, it makes sense to have quality API's leading your business rather than building monolithic complicated applications.

Talk to us if you want to outsource API development whilst letting your mobile app developers focus on the app.