Why testing doesn't work for many organisations

Many companies structure their IT software processes in a top-down fashion:- > A Programme of work > Business Sponsors/The Customer > Project Management > Implementation teams. What organisations are hoping to do is to control budgets and expenses, get value for money.

Organisations are hoping to control budgets and expenses, get value for money and ensure software meets intended requirements.

Info Rhino has rarely seen this work in practice and instead we have a better approach to ensuring software and corporate structures is aligned and the right kind of testing will help achieve these goals.

Info Rhino Limited has a complete understanding of how to successfully assure the quality of software.

Testing software achieves the following:-

  • Confirms the software works.
  • Detects loss of functionality when new features are implemented - known as regression.
  • Allows software to be released due to confidence in the product.

More issues with testing approaches within organisations

Testing is unfashionable in systems software development. Testing is often;- disjointed, inappropriate, doesn't follow patterns and in our experience when implemented by good intentioned IT practitioners still doesn't work.

Both formal and informal approaches fails to feed back into the product and becomes a series of adhoc tasks unable to provide a common understanding to the different teams.

Testing becomes a closed loop and broken loop unable to provide feedback to the organisation as a whole.

Successful Database Unit Testing?

We completely understand what testing databases means and how to set this up.

It is vital that your solution incorporates built in and public testing. By thinking about testing at the same time as building the Data Warehouse additional value is given to the customer.

What is software testing and Unit Testing?

Unit testing actually refers to testing software without any external dependencies. In simple-speak, this means we have a program that doesn't need to get information from a file or a database and the test provides that information instead.

Integration testing is where we do consider external dependencies. This means all database testing is actually Integration testing but people always confuse the two.

We see countless examples of confusion in the industry and between experts - let us set up your database testing.

Database Integration Testing with NBI

Perhaps you are performing a database upgrade, or want to be confident that your release process is working more effectively?

We understand the importance of best practice with testing databases and code and can lead you on this.

It is time to stop significant waste on projects whereby most testing is covert, not public and ineffective.

Info Rhino can help you implement effective testing solutions within your organisation

Info Rhino can;-

  • Ensure your testing strategy is effective.
  • Ensure you don't spend time on unproductive testing approaches.
  • Create a test strategy that provides real benefit to your organisation not just a current project.

NBI - we think this is awesome

NBI Testing framework We are very impressed with this framework and it closely mirrors how we like to test database and cube data and set this up for a recent client. Get in touch with Info Rhino if you want to adopt NBI within your organisation.