• We believe data empowers organisations and individuals.
  • Effective data solutions drives everything we do.
  • We make data work by creating great systems to connect information and add value for our clients and their customers.

Information Technology (IT) is the delivery mechanism but not the solution, we think about the process, the client and their customers, we use our philosophies and best practices, and we find the solution to the problem.

We use our own skills and experience to make data work for small, mid-sized enterprises, large institutions and individuals alike.

  • We identify gaps in functionality that clients actually need.
  • We work on trust, we collaborate and want to form lasting and profitable partnerships with all.
  • If we see that a system needs an obvious feature we go the extra mile to at least put this in as a prototype or on the future roadmap.
  • Honesty, we always say if the solution isn't right or we don't think it is the right skills match.

  • We have worked on large projects and have advised many small businesses on how to structure their websites and data.
  • We can form collaborative arrangements with other suppliers as part of larger projects.
  • We believe the "every action has a reaction" idiom when making most design based decisions.
  • We understand what scalability means and whether your business needs future proof design and will always suggest strategies as your business grows.
  • We are aspirational but with one foot firmly on the ground, we aim to take your company to your desired stage.


 When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail...

Having worked on large projects with other consultancies, too many consultancies partially understand one technology and try to use that same solution for every business requirement they meet. The client will rarely get the right solution, it will be very hard to maintain, and support costs will be high. It is often made worse because when we have shown some consultants different methods, they still stick to the same pattern.

We have enough experience in many technologies and can decide whether a database / cube / website / web service / client application / specialised data loading tool is required. Because we have a network of colleagues we can bring the right people in.

Latest fad projects

Technologies change and many requirements that could only be accomplished at great cost in the past can sometimes be implemented much faster with a new technology. However, many consultants use a new technology just to learn something new to take to future clients. In some situations, a new technology is just a rework of an old technology without any benefit.

Taking the easy option 

Examples include:-

  • Coding prototypes quickly without using trusted software design patterns and releasing them to live systems because it looks okay.

  • Not doing basic research on the possible options for implementation.

  • Spending more time on Google or Bing search engines trying to find ready-made solutions than actually doing the work.

  • Not being prepared to find ready-made components and creating the solution from scratch.

  • Believing tv adverts and sales pitches that you can build a website in a matter of hours.

Failing to take account of their client's specific circumstances

We see this frequently, and it is a combination of the other issues found with poor practitioners of IT. Rather than take account of the skills base of a clients' employees, they simply force a new technology without considering what it will actually mean in practice.

We want to take you forwards so get in touch with us.