Info Rhino - making technology and business work

Info Rhino Limited have been providing solutions to industry since 2010


  • Are experts in data analysis.
  • Do great website design.
  • Develop data driven websites.
  • Create applications for processing information.
  • Develop our own products and solutions.


  • Are looking for a trusted solutions provider.
  • Need specific software to be developed.
  • Want social media integration.
  • Want solutions that starts small and gets bigger.
  • Want a technology company that understands business.


Our core services are;

  • Reporting solutions.
  • Database development - including relational databases, data warehouses. and cubes.
  • Data Solutions.
  • Server applications - including calculation engines, REST APIs and ETL solutions.
  • Website applications.
  • Website Content Management Systems - allowing you to control data on your website.


We make technology simpler. Traditional approaches are often essential to maximise scalability and reliability, but many times they are slow to develop and overkill.
We have found whilst developing our own platforms, we often want to reduce time developing lots of interfaces and focus on the real application.
We have developed many products for ourselves. We have not packaged them for redistribution - yet, but if you like the sound of their usefulness, get in touch here (Email).


At Info Rhino Limited, we build our own solutions. If you are interested in partnering up, or investing in these initiatives, please get in touch at invest@inforhino.co.uk.

findigl property platform

Our long term pet project, has been developed in between client assignments, is a property platform. The goal is to give buyers access to much more usable data about properties for sale and the amenities nearby. This will create a more efficient market place for real estate sales.
We see traditional approaches to marketing properties lack innovation when reaching wider audiences.

Asset Trading Platform

We have been building a trading platform to buy and sell any asset within certain trigger levels. There are three main elements to this application;

  • Price retriever to collect prices at set intervals from exchanges.
  • Algorithms using Linear Regression, Statistics and Machine Learning to identify lead and lag on price changes. The goal is to create trade instructions.
  • A trade execution application to take trade instructions and to chain together trades.

We see this application offering use not just for trading, but for understanding pricing across different business domains.

Content Management Systems

Putting a basic website online is very easy these days, but there are a lot of things to get right. We always advise getting a professional to help you create your website.

  • Content Management Systems, are ideal for customers who want to manage their own content.
  • Some great third party Content Management Systems exist.
  • Our own website runs off of a Content Management System adapted from Piranha CMS.


Industries we have supplied services to;

  • Financial - Investment Banks, Trading Exchanges, and Portfolio Management.
  • Retail.
  • NHS.
  • Property/Real Estate.

How to use our website

Info Rhino's website has gone through a rebrand. We want information to be available to the right audience. Our "Services" pages starts simple, but does go into some technical detail. We try to ensure, anything we think you may need to know is explained in a glossary/overview section.

We try to make "services" as informative to non-techies as possible, we include technical aspects to highlight specific technologies and approaches to give confidence to technology professionals on our competence.