Info Rhino Limited are database developers first and foremost with significant experience in developing databases for applications and website applications. Every application we ever build always thinks about the database and how the data will be stored, accessed and analysed – performance is vital.

No matter how simple or complex your requirement is, get in touch with Info Rhino to help with your database and reporting development needs.

We are highly creative at using databases in ways many solutions providers would suggest complicated coding solutions but know exactly when coding is a better approach than a database.

We can review existing databases or develop your database from scratch with scalability in mind.

Many databases are poorly designed and even better designed databases eventually suffer performance issues. We won’t design a database without discussing the intended lifecycle of your system requirements to manage your needs against costs.

Future proof database development

We design databases in a way that thinks ahead and facilitates future changes. We do this by using database code comparison tools such as Redgate, SQL Server Project, Oracle Data Modeler and consistent Release Management strategies to ensure when databases do need to change it won’t cause you problems.

We can build initial databases to get you started and move to larger enterprise databases as your requirements upscale.

We develop website front-end solutions and recognise how to build databases for data capture, data analysis and reporting. We design databases with the following types of techniques; -

  • Normalisation.
  • Event Sourcing.
  • Dimension modelling/Kimball.
  • Document databases.
  • OLAP modelling.
  • Object Relational Mappers.

Having these different techniques at our disposal really gives our customers the best options when we build their systems.

For many of our projects we do model based development. This speeds up development and reduces the pressure when requirements change.

Many developers don't understand the importance of data modelling and this costs the client because it is harder to prototype and make changes.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • SSAS/Analysis Services

Platforms we can happily interact with and add to our skillset

  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • MySQLNoSQL – MongoDB
  • Microsoft Access
  • PostGreSQL
  • Google BigTable

Data integration – connect different database platforms

Many of our clients already have third party solutions managing different parts of their business. With our expertise in connecting databases we can build modules and applications to store additional data in a database but leave these third-party systems intact but improve functionality. We use SSIS and .Net to provide ETL solutions to connect up databases.

The most common challenge we find with our clients is existing databases performance. We can get right to the root of poor database performance and give you strategies for improving this.

One client had a poorly performing calculation engine and we immediately recognised how they can improve performance by caching the initial data being loaded using in memory tables. We modified their .Net Application Engine and database to take advantage of this.

Database Testing

Few people in the technology industry understand the importance of database testing – we feel it to be more useful than unit testing in application development. We use the NBI to implement unit tests on databases to give automated test results on databases.

Expert Database development company

We are committed to giving the customer what they need. Just as we believe with websites, if a customer can get away with a simple WordPress website we will tell you when you do need us. Here are some examples of where you may need help;-

  • You are using a third-party/freeware Customer Relationship Management system and it is starting to perform slowly.
  • You can’t afford a complete database redesign.
  • You are using spreadsheets to manage a key part of your business processes.
  • You have a new idea for an application.
  • You are struggling to get useful information out of your application.
  • You want data to be collected and reported from numerous systems.
  • You want help improving the security of your database.
  • You are a website developer but need database expertise – we partner with other providers.