We are experts in designing data-centric systems for capturing, processing, analysing and displaying data. We have a skill in understanding the challenges a company faces when trying to manage its data.

Data must be exposed and inform all individuals interacting with that data to make effective decisions

Data Warehouses show a commitment to gaining a greater understanding of your business

Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) needs Business Intelligence and both needs Statistics

It is one thing to be able to process and store data but:-

  • The important parts of data needs to stand out.

  • Customers and the business won’t engage with you if the data isn't clearly presented.

  • Using reports and visuals can give different audiences access to the same information.

Trends pick up followers, leaders and evangelists.

Trends leave behind more established technologies rightly and wrongly.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Business Intelligence often fails to provide meaningful insights. BI specialists, consultancies and technologies amount to not much more than bean counting at best. This was never what it should have been about.

There has to be a balance between:-

  • Showing the user the headlines - Business Intelligence
  • Identifying outcomes and observations - Machine learning
  • Statistically verifying the human and non human discoveries through both BI and Machine Learning

We completely understand what testing databases means and how to set this up.

It is vital that your solution incorporates built in and public testing. By thinking about testing at the same time as building the Data Warehouse additional value is given to the customer.

Let's clear up the confusion

Unit testing actually refers to testing software without any external dependencies. In simple-speak, this means we have a program that doesn't need to get information from a file or a database and the test provides that information instead.

Integration testing is where we do consider external dependencies. This means all database testing is actually Integration testing but people always confuse the two.

We see countless examples of confusion in the industry and between experts - let us set up your database testing.

Database Integration Testing with nBI

Perhaps you are performing a database upgrade, or want to be confident that your release process is working more effectively?

We understand the importance of best practice with testing databases and code and can lead you on this.

It is time to stop significant waste on projects whereby most testing is covert, not public and ineffective.

Separate fact from fiction and have confidence in your data.

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