Operating as a Business Intelligence Solutions Provider, Info Rhino also builds Data Driven Websites for ourselves and clients. Our clients demand effective, straightforward, and flexible solutions and that’s what they get. We will be celebrating our 7th year in June and our founder has significant experience of delivering solutions to:-

More recently, Info Rhino are developing exciting based solutions. We see a great deal of crossover between Social Networking, mobile platforms, and Business Intelligence.

We are keen to work with other companies, new graduates, and other freelancers that want to collaborate. We want to develop solutions for new start-ups, and to share skills and knowledge with other business intelligence solutions providers.

Having a presence on social media gives you many advantages:-

  • You can manage content outside of your website
  • You can appeal to a wider audience than Search Engines and their users
  • you have to update your website less - this can be a good thing, and cut down costs
  • Social media providers are continually developing meaning you get free development

Because we love working with data and data visualisations - it is easy to start talking too much about the technology. Take a look at our overview.

A website is nothing more than some documents stored somewhere not on your computer that many people can access. A website is your company's voice, a website contains pages of information about what services and products you are offering to people. This should be obvious to anybody using the internet but a website has to give users enough information to let them trust you.

Many companies can build elegant websites, there are numerous tools that allows people to build their own websites and it is perfectly possible to get off the shelf websites for many businesses that with some customisation can be far more effective than asking somebody to build you a website from scratch.

What you get from Info Rhino Limited is the integrity and foresight to recognise what type of a website you need. Most importantly if you are wanting your website to provide information for your decision making, we with our extensive experience in building database applications and Business Intelligence solutions are best placed to implement that vision.

We understand that many clients wants to manage their content, may need to display hundreds of items that cannot be manually maintained, or needs a shopping cart with payment acceptance.

Perhaps, Stripe or a Freemium model for accepting online payments.

Websites are a combination of:-

  • Static - most of the content is manually maintained
  • Dynamic - significant parts of the website are produced from information stored in a database
  • Content management - some or many pages can be maintained by an end user
  • Modular - by creating small parts of a website they can be used in many places.

It is essential to always develop websites in a reusable way but avoid over development of features.

Ever feel like you spend too much time making guesses on how your business works?

Perhaps your company collects data from EPOS, accounts, emails, sales, website traffic, personnel databases. Maybe you don't have a handle on stock levels or customer satisfaction? Perhaps there is data online that you would like to combine with your company data to help you decide on a new service or product line?

Management information is hard and without the relevant skills, doing this takes more time and more money than professionals. Sometimes the people that make your software sell additional reports modules they promise will deliver updates for bigger and faster reports. This rarely satisfies you because very few vendors actually know reporting, and fewer still understand data warehousing.

Some companies will employ reporting analysts to build reports in applications such as Excel, Reporting Services, Spotfire, Crystal Reports, Qlikview and Tableau and this is a great start. All of these approaches ignore one vital fact - even the smallest companies has data in different systems that needs to be combined together. Business Intelligence is purely this, BI makes companies think about how they can get value from their data to help make decision making a better experience. BI centralises data and stores it in a way to make it useable for reporting applications and other systems.

Business Intelligence uses specialist design to make reporting efficient, scalable and well - intelligent.

So what should I do?

  • Understand that a data warehouse is nearly always the right solution
  • Be very wary of vendors claiming that they can build new internal reports that can meet your needs - it will always cost at a premium
  • Be very wary of allowing Management Information teams to grow too large within your company if you don't have a Data Warehouse
  • Understand the importance of central data warehouses
  • But recognise that central data warehouses are only part of the solution

It is unlikely that you haven't heard of the word startup. Starting a company tends to involve a few key things, deciding on your product, creating the product but most importantly, finding a way to get people to buy your product - above all else, you have to minimise costs and survive long enough to reach profit. Generally, a website can be a fairly cheap way of getting people to take notice of you compared to advertising. Startups often use technology to deliver that product and this becomes expensive. People cost money and technology costs money but well built technology can create value that pays for itself quickly.

A common pattern found is where a non-technical person has an idea to supply a service but needs somebody to build an App, a website, a database, or a specific technology product. Finding people, agreeing equity, understanding effort, creating NDA's are all problems found by many startups.

We have:-

  • Excellent technical ability.
  • Can build websites, holding pages.
  • Have strong ability in building powerful front ends.
  • Have built our own framework for managing data in the back end using Event Sourcing.

If you want to take advantage and reduce the uncertainty let us know.

About Info Rhino?

Info Rhino is a U.K. Limited Company with commitment to delivery by collaboration solutions@inforhino.co.uk

Sharing knowledge and ideas makes the whole process much more fascinating. Realising the client's vision is a shared process and getting the right skills onboard requires project management and teamwork.

What are we doing right now?


Have delivered System Integration and Business Intelligence solutions for many banking clients, including financial risk systems - credit risk, capital risk, liquidity risk, and market risk.

Property Market

Launching a property platform to change the way people find the properties they want. Like many of our implementations it uses best practice achieves excellence through simplicity.

Independent Advice

Impartial advice for a holiday home letting business website.

Property Funding Website

Creating a website for a client who had a conference in only a few days - a tactical website that saved their bacon.

Sophisticated web based mapping

Details to follow...

Data Modelling for the Web

Helping website developers manage their data. It may not be known outside of the circle, many website developers are not great data modellers.

What will we do in the future?

You tell us, engage us and help us to take you to another level.